10 Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Pests


12 Jul 10 Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Pests



With summer in full swing, a problem that many homes are facing is unwanted house guests, i.e.: BUGS! In this day and age, everyone is doing what they can rid their bodies and homes of harmful chemicals; but with people relying so heavily on store bought products however, this can be a difficult goal to achieve. Here are 10 natural ways that you can rid your home of these unwanted pests AND feel comfortable knowing they will cause no harm to your family or your pets.



1〉 Basil = NO FLIES


Place pots of fresh basil on windowsills, the kitchen counter, and near doorways to stop flies from coming in. Flies hate the smell, so even if you can’t plant fresh basil, place dried basil leaves in a muslin pouch in the same designated areas. Crush the leaves occasionally to keep the smell fresh.




2〉 Citrus = NO SPIDERS



A great way to prevent spiders from entering your home is citrus. Mix unsweetened lemon or lime juice with water in a spray bottle and use it to wipe down your counter tops, doorways and windowsills. You can also keep spiders away from your gardens by tossing your lemon, orange and lime peels throughout your planted areas.



3〉 Vinegar = NO ANTS




Mix water and vinegar 50/50 in a spray bottle and spray any area where you’ve seen ants. For best results, do so multiple times a day. The strong vinegar smell erases the aunts’ scent trails that ants use to navigate.



4〉 Owls = NO MICE




Use the natural world to your advantage! Getting an owl box to attract a family of barn owls will solve all of your mice problems. Should the food supply be adequate, the same owls will return year after year. A family of bar owls can eat over 3,000 mice in a nesting season.




5〉 Fake wasp nest = NO WASPS





Buy a fake wasp nest to fake out the real ones! Wasps are very territorial and will not build a nest within 20 feet of another one. Making them think your home has been spoken for will ensure a real nest will not spring up. Place one in the front and back of your house and you’re set!


6〉 Catnip = NO MOSQUITOS




Cats may love this plant, but mosquitos hate it. According to Science Daily, catnip keeps away more mosquitos than DEET. Grow it in your garden or place undiluted catnip oil on your skin to protect yourself for up to 2 hours.


7〉 Salt = NO FLEAS

Salt from the sea

A vacuum and salt are the perfect duo to rid your home of flea eggs.  You must be diligent however, as fleas have a three day reproductive cycle. Salt your carpet everyday for 9 days and vacuum every third day. Remember to empty your vacuum every time so the live ones don’t crawl out!


8〉 Cinnamon oil = NO DUST MITES




Cinnamon bark oil has been shown to drive away dust mites. Add several drops of cinnamon oil to a 50/50 solution of water and denatured alcohol. Spray this mixture onto bedding, carpets, and anywhere else the bugs maybe found. The bonus? Your house will smell like Christmas!


9〉 Vinegar and soap = NO FRUIT FLIES




To rid your home of the ever multiplying fruit flies, fill a glass 3/4 of the way with apple cider vinegar and add 6 to 8 drops of dish soap. Top off the glass with warm water and place on a counter top or near where the flies tend to be. The sweet mixture will attract the flies and illuminate your problem.


10〉 Irish Spring = NO DEER




While many may not say deer are not pests, a gardener may think otherwise. Deer seem to dislike the smell of Irish Spring soap and tend to avoid it. Spike a bar of soap and put it in the ground around your garden, or sprinkle the shavings around the edges of your yard.