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January 2018

Found 2 blog entries for January 2018.

So you are thinking of buying a home. Great!

Here are some things to think about:

Renting verses Ownership

Renting is a fixed price you agree to pay to the landlord for an agreed upon time frame. You may also pay utilities for the home which can fluctuate. But, when the home is in need of repair that is the responsibility of landlord who also pays the taxes, insurance and yearly maintenance, these costs can add up quickly.

In home ownership you are responsible to not only pay the monthly mortgage, insurance, taxes but the maintenance costs and many new home owners don’t factor in these costs. A new furnace for instance can put you back $3,000 - $10,000. Do you have enough to cover something like that? You will need to ask yourself what would

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To rent or to own your home…that is the question. And it’s a question that people struggle with every day. On one hand, renting allows you to move as many times as you want before settling down. You also aren’t responsible for paying property taxes or any repairs for the house, AND it allows people to establish or repair their credit history by renting a property and paying timely. On the other hand, owning your home allows you to remodel and decorate however you want, helps you build good credit, there are more tax deductions, and the pride associated with owning. Picking which avenue to follow is not an easy decision, so thankfully there is a third option that not everyone is aware of.

Renting to Own! The magical third option that gives

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