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Barrie Ice Fishing

Posted by Shirley Arthur on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 3:03pm.

Barrie Ice Fishing 

Embrace the winter and enjoy the bright cold February days. The City of Barrie has an ice fishing tournament. The 13th annual Barrie ice fishing tournament happened on February 16th, this year. It is an example of the great sport of ice fishing, where you can bring your family and enjoy the day!

Ice Huts

These are water and wind resistant structures which are pulled out onto the ice by a truck or snowmobile. Some are permanent structures while others can be packed up when not in use. There is a variety of sizes but most small with room for 2 or more people, a small heater and of course a hole in the ice from which to fish.

Many people do this activity as family or social time, taking the whole family or friends for the day. Some people have fishing huts so large they even have bunk beds and toilets!

Many resort have huts already set up which you can rent and they will drive you out to them.

Barrie ice fishing 8 inch hole   

Different Fishing Techniques

Many people sit and wait by one hole all day. They enjoy the solitude or socialize while waiting. But many very serious fishermen use multiple holes and using modern day sonar walk from hole to hole, checking with the sonar to find out which hole has a school of fish near it. It all depends on what you fishing goals are.

Ice auger

Ice Augers

In order to fish, first you must make a hole in the ice. This can be tricky as the ice might be several feet deep. The ice auger can be a power tool or a simple hand tool which when spun around with your hands will chisel a hole, usually about 8 inches.


Some fishermen use maps to tell which lakes and which positions on the lake are most likely to produce schools of fish. Then they use their sonar to tell where the fish are at a given  time and proceed to drill a hole and fish.


Each year truck and snowmobiles fall through the ice. But in comparison to the number of people ice fishing the danger is small.

There is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. This happens mostly in older huts which don’t have the newer air exchange systems.

Lastly there is the danger of frostbite which occurs when fishermen remain out in the elements for too long a time.

Family Barrie ice fishing  

Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is considered the king of ice fishing lakes as it has a huge amount of fish such as trout, herring and white fish. It also has numerous lodges and hotels on the lake which provide weekend shelter for fishermen when they come in from a day of fishing.

So come out and enjoy Barrie ice fishing. Try it alone or join one of the tournaments and meet your fellow fishermen. Barrie is a great city on Lake Simcoe. Enjoy!



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