Asking - $2,400,000



Punta Chame is an easy 90 minute drive from Panama City. It is a peninsula which juts into the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by serene lakes and farmland. In the west are mountains so the vistas are constantly changing. The area is very popular with developers and ex-patriots.

Features of the Resort

 8 - one-bedroom fully furnished homes

2 - two bedroom fully furnished homes 

2 - poolside fully furnished units


Social Area:


Classic Rock Bar

Tiki Swing Bar

Bar equipment

75’ X 28′ Pool

Gym and equipment

Outdoor showers and bathrooms

5 commercial units

20 lots for building future homes

Large covered area suitable for banquets, conferences and weddings adjacent to pool area

17,000 sq ft commercial construction of social area.

 Business license for construction business


Punta Chame beach

With only a handful of permanent residents (mostly Panamanian), Punta Chame is more of a city getaway than a place you'd want to live full-time. That said, there are some luxury beach houses along the water, homes for Panama City residents who come out for weekends.

If you go during the week like we did, you may discover that you have the sun, sand and ocean to yourself. Once past the small collection of buildings that make up the town, the paved road comes to an abrupt end. Tire tracks in the dirt wind down to the beach, proof that if you have a good 4×4, you can keep driving!

A seemingly endless, peaceful and stunning white sand beach wraps around the point, beckoning you to walk in peace and quiet, and tempting you to drop everything onto the white sand and jump into the waves.